Events for March 2014

I must apologize for posting this list of events so late, but I’ve been engrossed in intense research for a future post…

Here are our selected events for

March, 2014

Event: Breathing Disorder Awareness Day

Where: The Breathing Disorder Clinic, Toronto, ON, CA branch.

When: Sunday March 9th, 2014

Hosted by:  The Breathing Disorder Clinic. 

Join us as we learn more about the seriousness of not breathing. Learn the symptoms of not getting enough oxygen and some techniques for remembering how and when to breathe at regular intervals. Slide show begins precisely at 8pm where the subject will be about some famous and historical breathless figures like Abe Lincoln, Plato and recent non breathers such as Shirley Temple-Black, and how non breathing tragically affected their lives.

Event: Art Exhibit, by Artist: Vlade Petrolich aka: The Cannibal of Croatia

When: March 21st, Warsaw, Poland

Time: 3 am until the Polish Policja raid patrol arrives.

Place: Since this exhibit has not been sanctioned you will have to check local illicit establishments (i.e.: opium dens, terrorist nests, and yogurt stands) for exact location  

This exhibit features the lighter and more artistic side of Vlade. Stripped of his murderous human eating façade we are left with a man both emotional and fragile, but a man none the less. Vlade conveys his passion through his art, displaying beautifully hand carved icons made entirely of hand selected human bones are the center of this stunning exhibit. All pieces have been authenticated for sale from Vlade’s dental bite records which have been provided by the artist on each personalized carving…

Event: The Not Ready for Mimetime Players present, “The Roswell Incident”

Where: The Roswell Playhouse, Roswell, NM

When: Wednesday, March 26th at 7:00 pm                                  

The Roswell Troup of the Not Ready for Mime Time Players returns with their all new production, The Roswell Incident. Enter the theater ready for a new perspective on the infamous “Roswell Incident”, As we near the anniversary of the crash and recovery of a UFO and it’s occupants in Roswell, NM. Since this production is mime the theater will be in complete silence as our mimes act out the crash as the alien occupants, dying in the arms of the army attendees. Learn firsthand the trepidations and fears the aliens must have experienced as they lie dying on our Earth light years away from their own world, and eventually prodded and autopsied by short-sided earthlings once they are dead. The play will star Shields and Yarnell’s great Randy Shields. He will silently burrow his way into our hearts.

Event: Serial Killer Mystery Dinner Show

Where: The Cutler Theatre, Sonora AZ

When: Saturday, March 29th

This event is brought to you by the good people at Pragmento, Corp “where life imitates death”.

Voted the best murder mystery dinner show two years running, this show goes beyond the rest…

Our show is completely interactive. The theme is based on the infamous Jack the Ripper case and you the Audience must figure out who done it once and for all. First, your dinner is served; starting with Liver Pie and other East London treats of yesteryear. Then you’re led to a room where your’re confronted by half-naked and disfigured body of victim number one, Mary Ann Nichols (don’t worry, it looks real, but it’s only a maimed cadaver donated by shows sponsor Pragmento, Corp). After a large dinner you are led to the post-mortem examination part of the show where you will get to examine the corpse. You also get to act as “The Ripper” himself, stalking his victims through theater stage, which looks just like 19th century White Chapel London alley, all the while getting to play out your most repugnant fantasies and in the safety of a gorgeous dinner theater. Just a reminder…coming soon for your entertainment enjoyment is The Zodiac Killer Brunch and The Boston Strangler breakfast show. We supply the meal…you solve a murder.

Dinner: $100 Drinks: $2 (scalpel and rib spreaders are complimentary!)

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